Our company manufacturs electroisolational ceramics.
       The material that we manufacture is porous cordierit 520 /PN-67/E-06301. Ceramics products made of cordierit are very resistant to weathering and temperature changes, it has insignificant thermal coefficient of expansion.
       Using this material we manufacture isolational and constructional molders with high resistance to temerature changes, ranging molders and electroisolational molders, arc recesses parts and antisprark sheaths.
       These products are formed by pressing with a hydraulic press and draught. That is why these products could have different shapes and sizes that dependes of customers needs.
       We guarantee high quality of our products and punctuality of delivery!


       Zakład Ceramiczny BOWO-ARCHBUD s.c.
       J.Świńczak, B.Wojcianowska
       05-240 Tłuszcz
       ul. Racławicka 11
       tel./fax 022-633-99-32
       tel. 029-757-30-57
       tel. kom. 0604-814-534
       e-mail: biuro@ceramiczne.pl


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